Friday, February 27, 2015

Bigger Things for Danny Ings

Heard a few of my Liverpool supporting mates (you know the ones, those lads who grew up in a small town in Yorkshire with no connection to Liverpool in the slightest) and they seem to be grunting over the fact that they seem to be set to sign Danny Ings in the Summer after his contract runs out.

For me this is just typical of lads who have only ever known what’s it like being a big club. The lowest they’ve seen Liverpool is maybe 7th in Premier League...try 15th in League One with Clinton Morrison up front, tell me how bad of a signing Danny Ings is then…
~ Side note: to be fair we had Neil Mellor up front that season and he was knocking them in for us. We weren’t exactly without a paddle ~

They’re expecting some unproven foreign player to come in for big money, revolutionise their attack and then...what? Do a Suarez? Do a Torres? I like to think Danny Ings has got a little more commitment that that...even though he has decided not to sign a new contract with Burnley...Burnley seem to come up with some reyt good strikers...imagine if they kept them. What a strike force...but I digress.

I personally think that he’ll be a top quality striker with Liverpool. His good opening season in the Premier League could be the key factor in Burnley’s survival this season. A long with what seems to me a very hard working bunch of lads. Shocking that Burnley were tipped for relegation to League One last year haha but again I’m digressing.

Ings looks to me to have similar qualities to Luis Suarez (let me finish). He’s good on the ball, has good pace, good strength, he battles for the ball...all he needs to do now is bite someone, make a racial slur and dive and I’d be sold. I’m not saying he’s gonna be as good as Suarez but he’s got a similar style of play as he’s both creative and a goal threat himself.

According to the articles I read Burnley would be getting 6 million if he were to sign out of contract with Liverpool. Something to do with him being under 24, Liverpool are classed as poaching him. This for me would be beneficial to both clubs in my eyes. I remember when Burnley sold Charlie Austin and the way in which they worked with that money is amazing. For me it’s one of the reasons they're in the Prem now.
~ Rumours are that QPR paid £4 million for him. That money was put into building Burnley’s squad and look at them now. A good example for other clubs in my opinion ~

I wouldn’t mind seeing a nice swap deal. Possibly Rickie Lambert plus 2-3 million? it doesn’t sound like much but Lambert’s go the experience to bag goals and the money may be used to bring a bit more quality into the club. If Burnley were to stay up this season I’d love to see them sign Harry Maguire from Hull City. Young, good centre half who’s wasting away at Hull and, from what I hear, he’s a Wednesday fan. What could be better?
~I’m gonna assume that Burnley fan’s would want more but it’s big business is football and Liverpool will look to take advantage. You’ll probably be hoping for an Andy Carroll £35 million situation ~

No offense to Burnley but this type of move will also help Ings get into the England set up. I put a post earlier about Mark Noble not getting into the England squad and for me it’s simply because people like Noble, Ings, Austin, Crouch, don’t get in the because they don’t play for top four clubs. How can Peter Crouch have such a good strike rate for England and not have had a cap since 2010? He should be getting call ups on how he’s performing on the pitch, not because he’s got a place on City’s bench. I can guarantee that Ings will get a call up next season even though he will have played less games and scored less goals for Liverpool...if he goes to them that is.

Out of all the teams I would like to stay up this season, Burnley are top of the list. Like I stated earlier they have a hard working bunch of lads who can take a game by the scruff of the neck. A young manager who has the voice of a male Deirdre Barlow but is currently doing an excellent job and a solid fan base which will play its part in being the 12th man. This season will just add to their amazing club history and I hope it continues until Wednesday are next up there.
~ I typed this, left it, came back to it and thought “God I sound like a kiss-arse” ~

Last thing I want to say is I’m not saying all Liverpool fans think Danny Ings is a bad signing, most of them probably would welcome him. Just that the stupid few who think that spending 50 million guarantees success definitely haven’t learnt from the past. *cough* Torres *cough*

I’d like everyone reading this to do me a favour and ask a Liverpool fan, friend or family, and ask them whether they want Danny Ings. If they say no Tweet them this or share it on FaceBook and wait for the “f*ck off” message to come flying back haha.
~ Gentle push for people to like and share this post...I think I got away with it ~

But anyways cheers for reading.

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