Friday, February 20, 2015

Chelsea's Pathetic Racist Minority

A small amount of Chelsea fans have decided to completely embarrass the club after racially abusing a man trying to get on a train. Racism sadly is a part of the game that will always be there, no matter how many anti-racism campaigns come about. Sadly its always a small minority that continue it year on year but it’s the whole club that gets the blame.

It’s always disappointing when a small minority of fans have to do something then suddenly it’s in the paper that all the fans are disgusting. Same thing happened when one Leeds fan ran onto the pitch and pushed Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland in the face. Our manager branded Leeds fans as “vile animals.” Shocking that they hired a thug as the ambassador of Leeds United...

Same applies that small amount of Chelsea supporters played the big ‘un and now it’s the whole of Chelsea FC that have to face the consequences. At the point of me typing this five fans have been banned from Stamford Bridge but for me it should have resulted in a ban from all grounds throughout England. Every team has black players...but I bet the majority of white players wouldn’t want racists cheering for them.

I personally thought it was a little weird that Chelsea fans offered the guy a ticket to Chelsea game as a special guest. If I was him I’d demand that for every racist fan on that train I want a season ticket e.g. 20 racists = 20 years worth of season tickets.
They can’t exactly say no or else the press will portray Chelsea as a racist club...just a thought.

Getting back to what I said earlier that racism will never go away. This is due to a small minority of racists continueing on the “proud” tradition of big white pointy hoods but it is also continued, in my experience, by little lad banter between players in the dressing room. Playing for a pub team they’ll take the p*ss out of you for anything. Whether you’re fat, ginger, old, tall, you name it they’ll rib you for it. This of course includes your race.
Closest we’ve got to a different race at my club is a Welsh’d think he’d get some jibes for that but he was also in the army so it’s a bit iffy whether we can say anything or not...
Another example would be a lad from my year at school who now plays for Huddersfield Town’s reserves. He used to call “Big Nig’s!” when jumping up for a header...he was black probably should mention that haha. To be fair with that one it was a nickname he’d given himself.
~ Side note: The lad who plays for Huddersfield is a right player. I remember playing Heads and Volleys with him and some other people and he could out-jump me...he was like a whole foot shorter than me too. Top player too ~

Anyways that’s all I really wanna say on the matter as it’s getting late for me. Hope you guys took something from this and if not I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Cheers for reading

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