Friday, February 20, 2015

The Penalty King

Hi all, I’m The Penalty King.
I decided to write this blog a couple of years ago. I wanted to write it as a way to pass time, educate certain supporters and to ultimately get things off my chest that piss me off about football. It’s been a struggle to motivate myself on occasion to write but I have to say that this has been one of the most enjoyable pastimes I’ve ever done.

Now I have to say that some of blog posts may have spelling mistakes and might not be grammatically perfect (I only got a C in English, what more do you want?) but I just hope that people still manage to understand points I’m trying to get across and possibly start a discussion.

I hate that some fans make football so black and white, that you’re either right or wrong. There’s so many differing opinions between football fans and I want to get mine out there and hopefully hear other people’s.
~ Side note: on occasion there are wrong opinion’s in football. I mean saying “Ronaldo is better than Messi is one thing but if you turn and say Titus Bramble is the Premier League’s highest goalscorer then you’re definitely wrong ~

Some of you may be wondering why I call myself The Penalty King. Well the reason was that I have a great record of saving penalties. Since I started playing football in 2008 I have saved over half of the spot kicks that have come my way and played my part in winning both the penalty shootouts I’ve been involved in. If I could catch, kick, communicate or came off my line, I’d be world class!

The name has become a bit of a joke amongst me and my friends and has caused them to give me some ribbing whenever I conceed a penalty. I’m guessing that’s why I always seem to save them, because subconsciously I’m trying to avoid the barrage of banter I’ll receive after the game if it goes in...or maybe I’m just lucky? Yeah probably lucky.

I’m a Sheffield Wednesday fan. I have been writing a series of posts about them and their current climb up the division. Although I do love Wednesday I still have a soft spot for many other teams in the football league and for varying reasons. It baffles me how fans can “love football” but hate every club other than their own...but each to their own.

Football has played such an important role in my life which is why I really wanted to write this blog and further my understanding of the game as well as having a couple of laughs along the way.
So if anyone reading this loves playing football or watching football or just talking about football, please follow me on Twitter or like my FaceBook page so I can further my understanding of the beautiful game.

Cheers for reading.

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