Monday, March 2, 2015

Flight of the Owls II

The other week I wrote a post about Sheffield Wednesday’s current run and how fans are perceiving this season so far. This was just before we played Millwall and “fans” were saying that “WHEN we lose, we’ll be condemned to relegation!”...God Twitter is full of some morons.

I personally couldn’t believe people thought we’d lose. When McGugan scored I was going to Tweet about it and thought “actually sod that, knowing my luck they’ll equalise straight after and we’d lose 5-1.” But of course we went on to win the game convincingly 3-1 with Maghoma bagging himself a hat-trick of assists (who honestly saw that one coming?)

It’s actually shocking how much one win can silence the haters. I went on OwlsTalk after the match and it was dead; a few fans saying they were proven wrong but other than that nothing. Why are we so quick to jump on the back of our players when they are doing bad? I’d gladly suck off Mags if he got another 30 assists and got us promoted.

Then there was the Middlesbrough game. I read one fan say before Millwall that we needed four points from our next two games (he also said there was no way we were going to get that!) and I thought that was completely within reach. We swept Millwall aside easily enough and I was confident that we could get a point against Middlesbrough.
~ I was actually telling all my mates to slap a tenner on Wednesday 0-0 Middlesbrough. Had a bore draw written all over it with the two best defenses in the league. I’m glad no one listened to me haha ~

After our nice 2-0 win last Saturday suddenly our more optimistic fans think we can make a promotion push. Personally I wouldn’t mind if the season ended now. No relegation threat, a definite improvement from last season and a nice midfield to build on (if we sign McGugan).
~ Highest I’ve ever seen us since I started watching football is 12th, I’m happy as long as I keep seeing us do better ~

We had 12 shots with 4 being on target. Not ideal but if you finish them then who cares. I couldn’t help but think that can a team defend their way to promotion? I heard Buffon once say “My dream is to win the league with 38 1-0 wins” would seem him and Stuart Gray have that in common as well as both being able to eat fourteen pasties in a minute...I’m not sure how true that last statement is.

In all honesty I hope we do challenge for a playoff place. If we were to get there, I actually wouldn’t like to see us go up...we don’t really have a squad good enough for the Premier League, we’d have to sign a load of foreign players who would turn out to be sh*t and we’ll just be one-season-wonders like them lot over at the other end of Sheffield.

I said in my last post that Stuart Gray has a four year plan which he is now in the middle of. Hopefully he is given a chance to continue his good work, this man although it doesn’t seem it right now, is the man to take us to the Premier League. The thing that will separate him from Nigel Pearson and the like is that he has the ability to keep a team there. He’s never actually proved it as of yet but he knows that a clean sheet comes above all else. If you don’t conceed you’re guaranteed a point.

I’m sure a lot of Wednesday fans wouldn’t agree with this but given time I honestly do believe it. I like to compare Gray to a lower profiled Tony Pulis. Given time both their styles of play are very boring but they know how to get the best out of their players and how to see a game out.

Next game we have is against Blackburn at home. With this takeover having now gone through I want to plead with all Wednesday fans to give it your all next Wednesday. I’m praying for a good turn out so we can give Chansiri something to think about, I want us to make him know that this sleeping giant deserves to be higher than this. Three points against Blackburn in my opinion shows that we mean business and are wanting to be back where we belong.
~ I wanted to put “be the 12th man” but it sounded too cliched ~

I’d lastly like to applaud Stuart Gray on sticking with some of the lesser liked players in the squad e.g. Nuhiu, Maghoma, etc. I find Nuhiu to be an under rated player for us and Maghoma seems to have turned over a new leaf these last two weeks. Long may it continue Stuart. The future’s bright, the futures Gray.

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