Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wes Frown

As everyone already knows Wes Brown was sent off yesterday in a freak mistaken identity thing where referee Roger East sent off Brown because John O’Shea made a boo boo. John O’Shea even turned to the referee saying he had done the foul, but with East being the referee and referee’s being the power-crazed t*ssers that they are, he completely ignored him.

Now we have seen this before with the whole Gibbs/Oxlade-Chamberlain thing. I was told this was the exact same scenario and I couldn’t help but think “how the f*ck has he mixed up John O’Shea and Wes Brown?!”. One looks like Paddy McGuinness and the other looks like Morph.

But no essentially what’s happened is Falcao has turned O’Shea felt a hand on his shoulder and dropped like a sack of potatoes...whilst Wes Brown got there about 10 minutes late and barely laid a finger on anyone…

What’s annoyed me about this is that now the focus is going to be on one thing when in my opinion it should be on another. Martin Keown’s first reaction is that the standard of refereeing is going down which to be fair many people agree with. I agree that a lot of key decisions are wrong by the b*stards in black but I think its because football has turned into a complete non-contact sport.

All John O’Shea did was firmly put his hand on Falcao’s shoulder...and he flew to the ground as if he had someone tugging on his shirt and Lee Cattermole two-footing him. How can such a small piece of contact throw a player off that badly? Unless of course he’s looking for it...I’m not saying it was a dive but Burnley striker Sam Vokes would have stayed on his feet in that position.

Because that kind of “horrific challenge” is considered a foul it puts referee’s in a sticky situation, If it’s not a foul we get on with the game, Sunderland can go on to win the game and Falcao can take his amatuer dramatic skills elsewhere and with time possibly get himself a role on Heartbeat or Casualty.
But because a hand on someones shoulder is now considered a foul the referee is obliged to make a decision and make himself look a right tit when he makes the wrong call. I personally hate when referee’s try and justify a stupid decision.

The other week the pub team I play for conceded a penalty in the last few minutes. Most blatant dive you have ever seen but because two players surrounded their player the referee give it. Our right back asked who made the foul because they needed to go, it was a professional foul…referee’s honest words “I didn’t see who it was…”
I’d rather a referee just apologize or better still just keep his mouth shut.

Sadly this sending off was the turning point of the game, there were some good half chances for Sunderland and they were managing to keep out Man United’s attacks. Then a difficult decision to call for the referee and the game is out of Sunderland’s reach.

Like I said earlier I don’t think it was a dive but to go down as easy as he did and then say it’s a foul...actually yeah I’m saying it was a dive. Sadly that is football these day’s and football fans like me are just going to have to deal with it.

For me I am gutted that this had to happen against Sunderland. And against Manchester United as well. I’d love for Sunderland to stay up and this is just gonna make it 10 times harder for them. Oh well though, plenty more games to pick up points.

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