Thursday, December 17, 2015

José Mourinho - The Sacked One

Earlier today it was announced that Chelsea have sacked their manager José Mourinho. José Mourinho? More like Losé Mourinho! Am I right *laughs uncontrollably* *sides split*. With the club currently sitting 16th just a single point away from the relegation zone some may say is it too little too late? Other managers and pundits in football (Wenger, Pat Nevin, etc) seem to think Chelsea have too much quality to go down but both of these men were also certain that “The Chosen One” wouldn’t get the sack.

For me this news is just music to my ears. This arrogant bastard has finally run out of lives and has been given the boot after picking up just 15 points from 16 games. Relegation form if ever I’ve seen it and for me there is only one person to blame! You can argue that players haven’t been performing for their boss but he’s the man that picks the team and chooses to pick overpaid, work-shy shit over some young lad who would run his socks off just for a 5 minute substitute appearance for The Blues.

When Mourinho put Diego Costa on the bench against Tottenham he was applauded, showing that he wasn’t afraid to put his big names on the bench if they were underperforming...yet in the same game played Fabregas and Ivanovic two players who have been weak links in every game they’ve played this season…

Now you stick weak links in your side and it causes questions among the players around them. John Terry was called into question earlier this year after being sent off while he attempted to cover Ivanovic who had been caught well out of position. And Matic for me has looked shocking compared to last season but that’s due to him having to do his own job as well as Fabregas’. Since the Cesc’s move in 2014 I don’t think I’ve seen the Spaniard follow one runner and for me there is no excuse for that.
~ One of my favourite sayings in football is you can forgive a player for having a lack of skill and a high workrate. But a skilled player who doesn’t want to work, you can’t forgive that ~

One thing that has been getting on my nerves is people saying “Chelsea aren’t in a relegation battle.” One look at the league tells you otherwise. 16th, 1 point off the relegation places spells relegation battle to me. “Chelsea have the quality to get out of that situation” do Swansea, So do Newcastle, so do Bournemouth, on their day even Sunderland have the quality to get out of it. But if you look at the table right at this very second you have to say that all of those clubs are in a relegation battle.

I for one didn’t think they had the quality to get out of this relegation battle. Yeah yeah the players they have are incredibly skilled but when you’re in that situation you need all 11 men to dig deep and battle in every game. You need to outrun and out strength your opponents when you’re down there and frankly Chelsea have the type of players who do better when confidence is high and they don’t have to worry about something as miniscule as tracking a man.

Due to the fact that Mourinho kept playing down the fact that Chelsea were in a relegation battle he refused to change. He tried to keep them playing with that confidence and belief that they could leave runners and they didn’t have to pressurise their opponent constantly, while all the other teams in the league started to believe that they could go to Chelsea and come away with 3 points.

Some games last season Chelsea had won the game before a ball was even kicked due to opposing teams believing Chelsea were too good. Whereas this season they seem to have lost games before a ball was kicked due to them believing they were still the best team in England.

But one thing that many people will be asking is what’s different this season compared to their Premier League winning side of last season? Again for me it’s another Mourinho fuck up. In three years at Chelsea he’s managed to make a side so one dimensional that teams are exploiting their glaring weaknesses week in week out.

With no one brought in other than Pedro in the summer Mourinho shows that he had complete confidence in the side he’d built. Was he right to do this? No, a manager should always be looking to improve his squad! I mean it can’t be a shock his squad needed improving. In all honesty I think his squad would have perfect if he didn’t get rid of the young talent he had a few years ago.

Since Mourinho has come back he’s sold David Luiz who is now one of the best centre backs in Europe, Mohamed Salah and Andre Schurrle who are both flying high in their respective leagues, Kevin De Bruyne who looks a world class signing for Man City and finally Romelu Lukaku who looked (even at 21) to be a like-for-like copy of Didier Drogba.

Now if injuries were to have gone against José what would he do if, for example, Hazard got injured? Or Matic? Or Costa? You want someone who’s just as good to come in, not someone who’ll fill the spot until your main mans fit again, not when you’re meant to be challenging for the title. You need a quality squad to truly dominate a league not just a good eleven.

After this whole fiasco there is one thing I’m hoping comes from it and that is Roman Abramovich actually realising a real reason to sack a manager. Just cause you’re third in the premier league doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world! He should’ve give lads like Ancelotti a chance, instead of sacking him at the first sign of danger...

But anyway I’ve ranted enough on this topic and in the process I’ve probably missed Chelsea appointing Guus Hiddink or Ray Wilkins as the new boss. Best of luck to anyone who gets the job whether it be on caretaker terms or on a full contract basis. Anyone who has enjoyed this please feel free to follow me on Twitter where I tweet more of my posts on a daily basis.

One more thing I want to say before I finish is well done to the Chelsea fans who have stuck by Mourinho right up until the end, nice to see some kind of commitment to a manager from a club’s fans for once. Even though I hate the prat you’ve done yourselves proud there. If Manchester United had the same heart as your lads they’d still have a managerial masterclass of Moysey at the helm of their club.

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Cheers for reading.

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