Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Managerial Genius"

Today I almost feel spoilt for choice over what to blog about. There’s Blatter and Platini getting 8 year bans each (not long enough if you ask me), there’s Arsenal becoming favourites to win the league, there’s Chelsea dominating Sunderland immediately after Jose gets the sack and there’s even rumours of The Owls signing current jobseeker Emmanuel Adebayor…

And even with those stories I’m gonna talk about the current state of Manchester United and why I think Van Gaal is a dreadful manager. I’m sure many of you will be sick to the back teeth of hearing about his boring football and his backward philosophy but I’m here to say that it's much worse than that...truly this man is an arse.

I remember when he first joined Man united; he was going to bring back the good old days of Sir Alex Ferguson, would revolutionise the team, bringing in only the finest footballers the world had to offer and reap tyranny that would keep The Red Devils at the top of English football for generations to come…turned out nicely did that.

For me this belief of LVG being a tactical genius started in the World Cup when he replaced Ajax goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen with The Magpies keeper Tim Krul moments before a penalty shootout. They won the shootout and he was crowned a genius by the press, the pundits and football fans world wide.
~ I remember at the time I didn’t agree with this decision to sub off the keeper but I couldn’t argue with the results, Tim Krul won that shootout ~

This then led him to making more genius decisions such as playing Ashley Young at right back, playing kids instead of playing seasoned professionals who have Premier League winners medals and the ultimate mark of a genius...having Phil Jones take corners.
~ Admittedly Young does look quite good at right back but let's be honest he’s an even better winger on his day ~

These are the kind of decisions that people will question and criticize but if it comes off, make you look like you have a keener eye than most when it comes to football management. When they don’t work on the other hand people continue to criticize and raise eyebrows about your knowledge when all you had to do was be normal.

Van Gaal to me is now trying to correct his previous stupid decisions by making more and more, praying they come good. He signed Angel Di Maria, a player who was new to the league and pinned his hopes on him to create chances. When he didn’t come good he sold him and signed Memphis Depay, a player who was new to the league and pinned his hopes on him to create chances. See that pattern?

He sold Robin Van Persie and Javier Hernandez, two players who can score goals in this league, thinking Rooney will bag the goals they need. When Rooney wasn’t banging in goals he signed Anthony Martial, a player who was new to the league and pinned his hopes on him to score goals. Although I like Martial, LVG shouldn’t be expecting him to be the main man for goals, not when he’s only 20. Man Utd have always relied on experienced strikers to get them goals, as well as a strong defense.
He seems hell bent on a complete overhaul of Manchester United. Out of the entire squad there is a hand full of first team players left who played under Fergie and the majority of the ones gone have been sold during Van Gaal’s tenure not Moyesy’s. That title winning side has been almost demolished within two and a half years.

Vidic and Evra left after Van Gaal was given the job. Not much he could’ve done about them as they were halfway out the door before the Dutchman even got there. For me his prerogative would have been to keep Rio Ferdinand. Yes he was aging but to try and completely reinvent a top four challenging defense in a few months is a big ask for even the best managers, at least keeping Rio would’ve been a starting point.

Louis Van Gaal has managed to build a squad that has no idea what it is like to be Manchester United, to be able to play poorly and still come away with a 3-0 victory. At least if he kept lads like Ferdinand, Fletcher, Nani, Hernandez they could spur the new players on because they know quitting isn’t an option! Not at Manchester United!

Now though a bad performance, whether it is against top of the league or bottom of the league, spells defeat for The Red Devils and sadly with the style of play they’ve got it seems every performance is a bad one. That only spells one thing...a new boss.

And who will that be to take up the most prized managerial seat in English football? Mourinho? Guardiola? both for me are terrible options due to the fact in three years Manchester United will be back to square one.
~ Personally feel that Pep wouldn’t do much for United anyway. Look at the clubs/players he’s managed...he’s not known a squad as poor as this ~

In the footballing world now a manager’s job comes into question after only five bad results so I’d have to say MUFC need a manager who will be given time by both the board and the fans. Giggs could be the man but is he ready? Only time will tell on that one…

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