Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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How many games does it take to change opinion? After last Sunday it turns out only one. Everyone said Leicester would win the league after they beat Manchester City 3-1 only 2 weeks ago. Now, after a close 2-1 defeat to Arsenal, the title is back up in the air and anyone could win it again.

A friend of mine said that Spurs were the clear title champions as they are in the best position... to which I replied “2nd?” Although Spurs are on a good run of form, taking 25 points from a possible 30, you have to say that Leicester are in the driver's seat as they are currently 2 points clear.

The Foxes have taken a sum, not as impressive as Tottenham, of 18 points from a possible 30 which had seen them unbeaten in seven before losing to the Gunners. Even with this they are 2 points clear at the top of the table with 12 games remaining.

Now for my mate to say Tottenham have won because they’re in form is like saying Palace are relegated because they’ve not won in nine even though they are currently 8 points clear of relegation and have a four team buffer.
~ Side note: For the record I genuinely do think Palace are going to get sucked into the relegation battle if they don’t start scoring some goals again. Without a doubt they’re missing Bolasie ~

For me Leicester are currently the side that are going to win the league. My reason being that I can’t see them losing a game from now until the end of the season, even with away games against Manchester United and Chelsea. They might draw these games admittedly but I can’t see a loss coming.

Now fair enough a draw might be the deciding result to take Tottenham or Arsenal first but for me they have much tougher fixtures to play. Tottenham still have to play Chelsea and Liverpool, Arsenal have got Man City, West Ham and Sunderland who won’t be going down without a fight and both teams are still yet to play Manchester United. Of course both the London clubs also have themselves to play which could knock one of them right out of the running.

Now on top of these games The Lilywhites have two Thursday night Europa League fixtures against Fiorentina which could cause problems for them in the league as we have seen many times in previous years as well as a glancing look at the FA Cup. Arsenal on the other hand have to concentrate on continuing their FA Cup run whilst also worrying about Barcelona in the Champions League which could either raise spirits if they knock out the current Spanish league leaders...or more likely lower moral when they are eliminated 12-0 on aggregate.

Leicester only have the league to think about which means they can be extra prepared mentally and physically for each league game. At no point would I question the Leicester players’ stamina and work rate but I do think the only thing that’s going to lose them this is the pressure that will be growing week on week the longer they stay at the top.

All it could take is one loss and The Foxes could find themselves 3rd. Not that any Leicester fans would mind a third place finish. This is a club who were in League 1 not so long back; they no a real crisis is like. Not like Manchester United fans who think going from 1st to 5th is a disgraceful drop or Arsenal fans who think finishing 4th consistently every year is a bad thing...but I digress.

In my honest opinion though I think leicester will win the league this year simply because they are top and I can’t see them losing any of their games for the rest of the season. But if they do manage to lose a game then I would put my money on Tottenham to win it because I can’t see them losing a game for the rest of the season. But if by some miracle both Tottenham and Leicester lose then Arsenal have it...guess why? Cause I can’t see them losing a game for the rest of the season.

I didn’t want to make a prediction because the last prediction I made about Leicester was I thought they were going to be relegated last season. Boy was I shown up haha. But I will say that I seriously want Leicester to win the league, I want them to show everyone you don’t need a bank account bigger than your ego to win the Premier League...and to be honest I think everyone else does too.

Also for the record, if anyone’s wondering why I didn’t add Manchester City into this, it's because if they win the league it would be the greatest disappointment in Premier League history. If a club with overpriced, overpaid and overrated players, who can’t even fill their own stadium during a potentially league deciding match for the title then there’s literally no hope for any of our clubs gaining success unless some billionaire gets bored and decides to change our clubs into a husk of its former self.

But anyway’s hope everyone enjoys the Champions League games tonight. Hopefully Zlatan can get payback and score five past Chelsea and we can all enjoy our pints a little bit more.

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