Monday, March 21, 2016

Klopp in a Win Win

Yesterday I was sat in my local watching the Tyne-Wear derby when I decided to check my phone for the other scores of the day. Liverpool  2-0 up. Not bad. A liverpool fan sat at the other booth also checked his phone at this point and stated “2-0 up. That Klopp’s a good manager.”

Fast forward to full time, Liverpool have let slip their 2-0 lead and lost 3-2. Does this make Klopp a bad manager? No it doesn’t as the bloke in the other booth said “f*cking hell, we lost 3-2. That’s cause it’s Rodgers’ team is that.” My question is hows that right?

How can it be Klopp’s brilliance that put them in the lead but Rodgers’ fault for fucking it up? Surely if Klopp is this world class manager who can get a 2-0 lead away with a shit team then he should be able to hold that lead with the same shit team?

I said it to lads that I was with, Klopp is currently in a win win situation. Because he’s being touted as God’s gift to the Premier League he can do no wrong, and when something does go wrong for them e.g. throwing away 2-0 leads, getting knocked out to West Ham in the FA Cup in the last minute, beating Man City 3-0 and then losing the Palace days later, etc. it's not his fault.

Klopp’s next two games are big ones. Tottenham at home and then an away trip to Dortmund in the Europa League. Now I’m gonna make a prediction with this one, Klopp’s Liverpool team will go all out against Spurs, either winning the game or unluckily being held to a draw. The German being hailed as a genius, a legend, Mein Fuhrer, etc.

5 days later against Borussia Dortmund however Liverpool will get absolutely spanked, a minimum of a 2-0 defeat with The Steve Merchant lookalike being called “unlucky” and “doing the best with the tools he’s got”...

Anyways the truth is I like Klopp. He’s a good manager who expects the best from his players and despite being criticized by the media for bringing in his high intensity training regime too early at Liverpool, I think it’s only because he believes he can get so much more out of this squad. This...shit squad.

Even though I did say I liked him there are two things that annoy me about the German. First of all is his constant need to showboat. Yes we get it you won, you’re happy about it, feel free to celebrate on the touchline. But having all the players celebrate in that way after a 2-2 draw with West Brom at home in front of the Kop is just embarrassing. Bill Shankly did everything for the fans but even he would look at that and think “what the fucks he doing?”

The second thing I dislike about Klopp is the fact that he manages Liverpool...let me explain. There are times when I feel like Liverpool fans don’t know what they want. I remember when Liverpool finished second in the 08/09 season. They got so close and missed out narrowly to Manchester United.

One year later and the manager that won them the Champions League four years previous and got them to within 4 points of the league was sacked. I remember many Liverpool fans rejoicing at the news, stating he was a bad manager. Personally I don’t see much difference between Klopp and Benitez.

I know a lot of people will read that last statement and say bullshit. To which I will reply Google it you slag! Benitez has won trophies in England, Spain and Italy as well as two Europa League trophies and of course one Champions League trophy. Klopp has only won trophies in Germany.

Admittedly the Spaniard does have an 8 year edge on his German counterpart but you have to admit Jurgen has got some serious catching up to do if he wants to match Rafa’s record of winning trophies.

Anyways the reason I bring this up is because I can see Klopp going the same way as Benitez. Klopp could be given time to build his own team, get them challenging for the league and then before you know it he could find himself in the dole queue after a seeing his side drop to 6th.

Would he deserve the sack for that? Rafa had five good years before The Reds finished 7th and he got the boot, did he deserve it then? It’s typical of the lack of patience in football today from fans. Wanting a manager gone after one bad season or in some cases one bad performance…

Next season if Klopp manages to get his Liverpool side into a Champions League spot then he is setting a standard that he has to keep achieving, otherwise I think he will be thrown onto the scrap pile with the likes of Benitez and Rodgers…

But anyways that’s all I have to say about Jurgen Klopp. He’ll probably get another 3 years at the club at most before he’s sacked after a run of poor results following Jordan Henderson’s move to Barcelona...or at least that’s what Liverpool fans think could happen…

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