Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rashford Rolling in Cash(ford)

To start this post off I just want to apologies for the poor pun (if you can call it that) in the title, I noticed that rash rhymes with cash and tried to do something with that. If anyone can think of a better title please feel free to comment on here of tweet me or write a strongly worded letter to your MP.

Now back to the main reason for my post, Manchester United are apparently poised to offer 18 year old Marcus Rashford £20,000 a week after his impressive start in the first team. There are a few things wrong in that sentence for me; he’s 18, he’s played two games, he’s 18, there are established players in the Championship who don’t earn that much and lastly he’s 18…

According to The Telegraph the Red Devils’ new prospect is currently on £1,000 which is remarkable in itself for someone of his age; when I was 18 I was an apprentice, earning £3.50 an hour. If I was earning around £4,000 a month when I was 18 I probably wouldn’t even be writing this, I’d be at death's door with severe liver failure.

Now he’s set to earn more in a week than my mum does in two years and for what? Four goals? Two of which came against the Dog and Duck in the Europa League?! I’m not saying my mum could have scored those goals but she’d have given it a good go for a grand a week. To be fair though I’d  spend 90 minutes wanking off LVG for a grand a week. I’d even put up with him whispering “now that’sh pheeloshophy” in my ear whilst I did it…

Now I’m not knocking the kid, he looks a bright talent. Took both his goals well against Arsenal; One just landing at his feet but he needed to react quickly and still had to finish the chance and the second he found himself unmarked and flicked a sublime header past Petr Cech. No easy task is that.

But does it warrant a £20,000 a year contract? What if he flops and ends up being just another wasted youngster? Does anyone else remember Federico Macheda? He was spouted as being the next big thing for United and where is he now? Cardiff where he has scored (according to ‘the fountain of knowledge’ Wikipedia) 6 goals in 21 league appearances...not exactly a top return.

It’s so easy for a young footballer to receive a pay rise like this and think “I’ve made it.” You look at players like Francis Jeffers, Ravel Morrison, Lee Hendrie, the list goes on. They got to the top when they were young and ended up falling from grace when they realised you have to work to keep at the top.

The big shock that will come for these types of players is when they can’t find a Premier League contract so they’re traipsing through the Championship asking for £20,000 a week...like an extremely high class beggar.

I hope I’m wrong about Rashford though. As I stated before he looks good, lively with the ball, works hard without it and knows where the net is. Like a young Michael Owen in my opinion the only difference being he isn’t a complete tosser…
~ I’m probably being a bit harsh to Owen there. He’s not that bad, just painfully obvious ~

I think the way Nicky Butt and the rest of the u21 staff have handled their current crop of youngsters is brilliant. They really have kept their feet on the ground, made them remember that United comes first not you’re fancy haircuts and flash cars. One thing I think Liverpool will learn from with the whole Raheem Sterling situation.

He’s another for me who needs to step up his game if he wants to stay at the top level. He’s put in some good performances this season but for the £180,000 a week he is on you’d expect consistent top drawer performances. But hey I’m not here to talk about that hasbeen, Rashford is all the rage these days.

I just hope that this wage doesn’t undo all the hard work Butt has put in. It’d be a shame to see another bright English prospect playing for some League 2 side thinking he’s still a big shot. I personally doubt this will happen because as clueless as Van Gaal is he does have experience managing world class youngsters e.g. Seedorf, Davids, Kluivert, etc.

But anyways that’s all I have to say today. Fingers crossed that Rashford turns out to be the world's best striker, it’ll mean Manchester United becoming European giants again (bad news) but at least England will probably challenge in international tournaments (very good news.)

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Cheers for reading.

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