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Top 10 Worst Signings - 16/17 Season

Today’s post is a simple one; the top 10 worst Premier League signings of this season. These are the players that have been either so bad, so pointless or just didn’t live up to the hype of the transfer.
Now I want to start by saying there was a number of poor signings this season and if you guys feel I missed a big name, please feel free to comment below or tweet me @ThePenaltyKing1. Now without further ado, let’s kick off this list with…

10 - Vincent Janssen
...or should I say Roberto Soldado part 2? The Dutchman has managed 2 goals in 27 appearances this season, quite a mediocre return for the £17 million man who had scored 27 goals for AZ the season before.
Thankfully for Spurs fans, Harry Kane has been banging them, taking the pressure away from Janssen, giving the big number 9 more time to get used to the Premier League.

9 - Patrick Bamford
The 23 year old has struggled to find a permanent home ever since his move to Chelsea in 2012, constantly being loaned out to a number of clubs. Over the last few years the England U21 has plied his trade in the Premier League with Palace, Norwich and this season with Burnley and relegated Middlesbrough.
In this time he has amassed 1 goal in 670 minutes over 3 seasons...with Championship football confirmed next year, maybe he can come good for the Teessiders but this season...he’s not been great.

8 - Wilfried Bony
It’s amazing to think that this guy was one of the most sought after strikers in the Premier League at one point. This season he has been kept out of the team by an unfit Saido Berahino and an aged Peter Crouch and frankly doesn’t look close to the starting 11.
Stoke are such a well drilled side defensively, you have to assume that if they had a consistent goalscorer they would sneak up the league...I guess Bony isn't that’s lucky they only had him on loan I suppose.

7 - Zaza
Another loan star now. This season West Ham have attempted to revamp their squad, no longer will The Hammers have to watch the likes of Kevin Nolan and Carlton Cole, they would be treated to the cream of the crop of footballing talent.
I bet some fan thought they were watching the “old West Ham” when Zaza walked onto the pitch. No goals 8 Premier League appearances forced Bilic to stop playing the Italian before they triggered a clause and were forced to pay €20 million for his services...a very lucky escape.

6 - Fabio
The second Middlesbrough player on this list, Fabio was a bit of an odd signing in my opinion and a very dark omen for the Teessiders. The Brazilian has been relegated from every club he’s played for other than Manchester United…if anyone thinks that this guy is a good signing then they must be on crack.
Middlesbrough have conceded 34 goals in the 24 games he’s played in. Now obviously not every one of those goals were his fault but it doesn’t help when you’ve got a fullback who is average on the left and worse on the right.

5 - Jordon Ibe
This signing has been rather well talked about as being a huge flop. “The next Raheem Sterling” moved to Bournemouth for a club record £15 million and since then has amassed 0 goals and 0 assists in 25 appearances.
From what I have heard he’s still put in some good performances for the Cherries this season but when you pay a club record fee, you kind of expect a bigger goal return. But there is still plenty of time for the 21 year old to prove his worth in the Premier League.

4 - Rudy Gestede
Gestede crashes in at number 4 before slotting his header wide. Another shocking signing from Boro which just made every football fan ask “why?”. You’d think if your club needed goals you’d actually sign a goalscorer, not  get suckered into the same poor decision that Aston Villa made last season…
The Benin international has managed a whopping 1 goal in 16 appearances in The Smoggies battle against relegation, an amazing return for their £6 million. Maybe he’ll bang them in in the Championship...then again he only scored 4 in 18 the last time he was down there...

3 - Brad Guzan
How the fuck has this guy managed to swindle another season in the Premier League?! I really really wanted to put this guy as number one but couldn’t bring myself to make him a number one…did Boro not question that Villa were happy to give him away for free?
This bloke should have no part in any Premier League club. Not even as a back up, not even as third or fourth choice! How have they gone from signing Victor Valdes to signing Brad Guzan? That’s like shagging Anna Kendrick one week to shagging Susan Boyle the next!
~ I love Anna Kendrick me ~

2 - Claudio Bravo
This transfer pissed me off more than any other. Less due to Bravo, more due to how Hart was treated by Pep Guardiola throughout (but that’s a post for another day). The Chilean shot stopper has made a string of errors this season, arguably more than Hart had over the last decade at the club!
One of the most important traits of a goalkeeper is his ability to actually save shots. So I haven’t got a clue what Pep’s thought process was behind signing a goalkeeper who couldn’t save his biscuit from falling in his brew. He’s got butter fingers, poppadom wrists and a Tintin haircut...but at least he can play a 30 yard pass...

1 - Moussa Sissoko
£30 million. £30 ‘fucking’ million! And on a five year deal! Spurs are lumbered with Sissoko for five years. A player who, on his day, could be worth £50 million. Sadly though his day hasn’t rolled round since about 2013! Surely Pochettino didn’t green light this manager in their right mind would have let this happen…
After an impressive Euro 2016, the Frenchman came to Whitehart Lane looking to rejuvenate his career. Sadly though he’s only managed 2 assists in 25 games and despite being such a talented dribbler, he only achieves 0.8 successful dribbles per's gonna be a long 5 years for Spurs fans…

And that’s it. Like I said earlier, if you guys thought I missed any obvious choices out, please feel free to let me know by either commenting below or tweeting me. Until next time, I’ve been the Penalty King, you stay classy San Diego.

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Cheers for reading.

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