Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Nemanja Matic to Manchester United!

Serbian midfielder Nemanja Matic has made his £40 million move from Premier League champions, Chelsea to Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United. This transfer seems to be another solid signing for The Red Devils as they look to get back to the top of the food chain.

Jose Mourinho has re-signed Nemanja Matic for the second time.
The former Benfica man was a little overlooked in The Blues’ title winning campaign last season due to N’Golo Kante covering 99% of the planet. Matic made on average 1.5 tackles and 1.4 interceptions per game meaning he won the ball back 2.9 times per game last season.

These stats along with Kante’s 6 possession-wins-per-game allowed players like Hazard, Pedro, Moses and Alonso to push on knowing that they were covered at the back. If Matic and Herrera continue last season’s form into this campaign then they will be making on average 8.2 possession wins per game in the centre of the park! A very good return.

Last season Matic and Kante won the ball back on avaerage 8.9 times per game.
I have to say though that £40 million is a little excessive for the 28 year old. He may be in his prime but I feel that there could have been some better alternatives for less money...then again in today’s transfer market there are League One players that could go for £20 million so I suppose £40 million isn’t too bad.

Matic along with a hefty price tag brings some aerial dominance to a rather short United midfield. Over the last couple of years The Old Trafford faithful have had to rely on Marouane Fellaini to win headers in the midfield...I have to say Nemanja is a huge improvement.

Not only is The Serbian as strong as Fellaini in the air but is far superior on the deck. He’s composed on the ball, is a talented passer, has a good touch for a big man and when he hits a ball, it stays hit! A good example of this would be his goal against Tottenham in the FA Cup last season...

Bang! Pick that fucker out!
This seems to me to be an incredibly intelligent signing from Mourinho. Like I said before, partnering Matic and Herrera is like building a brick wall in the centre of the pitch but that’s not all, it also allows Pogba to push further forward.

We’ve all heard Manchester United fans bang on about how statistically Paul Pogba is the best midfielder in the Premier League, how he once killed an endangered leopard with a volley from 60 yard and how he creates more chances than Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane and Jonjo Shelvey combined but he is yet to actually show it in end products.

With only 5 goals and 4 assists last season, Pogba didn’t really live up to his £89 million price tag. This season is make or break for the Frenchman, with more freedom for him to push forward there are no excuses for the former Juventus man not to hit double figures in both goals and assists. His first season has settled him, this season we should be seeing the real Paul Pogba.

I don't mind Pogba...but less of this shit please Paul.
In my opinion though I don’t think Man United are done in this transfer window. If they want to be up there challenging for the title then they need to sign a next level winger/attacking midfielder. Last season Manchester United lacked goalscorers from midfield. Mata, Mikhitarian, Martial, Lingard and Pogba combined scored only 20 goals in the league…

When compared to Hazard, Pedro and Willian who scored 33 goals last season or Alli, Son and Eriksen who scored 40 (double the amount the United boys did) you see that The Red Devils really lacked a goalscorer other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Although with Pogba pushing further up the pitch it could possibly create more chances for the midfield. I don’t know. What am I? Mystic Meg?

Man United could potentially be serious contenders in this years Premier League but for me it all depends on whether Paul Pogba steps up and proves why he is the most expensive signing in football history. If not, I think they’ll still get Champions League...but it won’t be impressive.

All stats, facts and figures were lovingly given to me by the guys at www.WhoScored.com.

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