Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chat Shit Get Banned

As I’m sure you’ve already worked out, in today’s post I will talking about Jamie Vardy’s red card/dive/bollocking the referee and my take on the whole situation. It seems to have divided opinion with the fans I’ve asked and I just want to clear up a few things as people seem to be getting confused over what is and is not a foul…

Now after the impressive season Vardy has had you’d have struggled to find a dark point for The Foxes man. He hasn’t been caught doing drugs, no drink problem, he’s not shagging pensioners, etc. I’m actually quite disappointed to say it’s refreshing to have a player who isn’t a complete dick head.

So after a season where we have only talked about Vardy for the right reasons you can almost forgive him for his outburst with referee Jon Moss after what is probably the worst refereeing display of the season...can almost forgive him.

Jon Moss was, I’m sad to say, all over the shop. It was a bad game for him after getting three crucial decisions wrong. The West Ham penalty, the Leicester City penalty and even the Vardy red card...let me explain.

If there is contact Vardy is entitled to go down but then it rests on Jon Moss to decide whether there was a sufficient amount of contact for it to be a foul...very difficult jobs referee’s have, very difficult.

I know a lot of people said it was a dive from Vardy but I want to plead his innocence in a small way. I’m a firm believer that contact doesn’t always mean a penalty and the fact of the matter is there was contact from Ogbonna. The thing that made Jon Moss’ decision was the dramatic throw to the floor afterward…

I think without the amatuer dramatics Moss would have said play on, maybe saying Vardy tripped over his own feet. But that for me is the way the game is going. If you don’t play act every time you go down you won’t get decision’s go your way.

The fact there is so much play acting, dramatics and diving means the game is almost impossible to referee. This was a bad day for Jon Moss but you cut out players going down under weak challenges (Jamie Vardy, Winston Reid and Jeffrey Schlupp) then it’d have been a much better/easier game for the 45 year old.

Ogbonna for me was a very lucky boy and could’ve potentially had a dreadful day. In the first half he had Vardy in a neck lock and in the second decided Huth should get the same treatment. This is a perfect example of what happens when a player isn’t dramatic...the foul isn’t given...

Winston Reid was the second to audition to be an extra in Eastenders after he threw himself to the ground after minimal pressure from Wes Morgan. I know many West Ham fans will disagree but even they have to admit he wouldn’t have gone down like that inside his own box.
~ Side note: Must say though, I could never imagine Andy Carroll taking a penalty but he dispatched that one well ~

And of course the worst decision Moss made...the Leicester penalty. About 999,999 times out of 1,000,000 this is a nothing challenge. But Jon Moss is one in a million, giving Leicester another vital point in their push for the title…

One West Ham fan I have on Twitter Tweeted saying “Andy Carroll has gone from hero to villain” which I just couldn’t agree with. Shoulder to shoulder, not overly aggressive, not a clue what he was doing back there but for me there was nothing wrong with what he did…but Schlupp decided to show off his Tom Daley impression and won the penalty for Leicester.

All in all though it was a well battled game, one which I think everyone knew was going to be eventful.  A draw was probably a fair result but I’m sure both sides will feel they could’ve won it.

Now where does this leave Vardy? There’s a lot of talk about him getting an extended ban due to his “outburst” after. People comparing Vardy’s reaction to Diego Costa’s reaction against Everton in the FA Cup...a ridiculous statement.

When things go against Costa he tries to intimidate the officials. Vardy simply called Moss a c*nt and walked off the pitch. Not the nicest thing to do but at least he didn’t draw it out for 20 minutes, him and the rest of the Leicester team crowding the referee, trying to get blood out of a stone.

The reason Costa deserved that extended ban is because he’s done this so many times and against Everton was the first time he actually got caught out doing it. Now I’ll admit I didn’t watch Vardy before his Leicester day’s but I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a blood vessel popping out of his neck as he’d square up to referee’s, barking commands in their faces...he’s essentially a first time offender.
~ Side note: You can more or less guarantee though that Hodgson is going to use this as an excuse to drop Vardy and play Rooney at the Euro’s. Just the kind of thing Woy would do…~

But anyways that’s my take on it. The whole game is just too difficult to referee these days and if there was no controversy in a match then there was probably no action either. Hopefully it improves in the future but I can’t see that improving unless we have maybe two referee’s on the pitch and a camera in every orifice of the ground...which is a silly idea.

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Cheers for reading.

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