Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is Monk the Right Man?

Welcome back to another poorly spelt post from The Penalty King. Today I’m hoping to talk about Garry Monk and the current situation at Swansea. Recently Monk has stated that there is no danger his team are in a relegation fight which has received a little bit of stick from former Welsh player Iwan Roberts. According to the former Leicester forward The Swans are well in the relegation fight.

Personally I think this is just a football pundit over reacting to a run of difficult games. People will comment saying Monk has only won 1 of his last 10 games and say it's a dreadful run (which it is I’m not denying that) but when you look at it game on game it tells a different story.

He’s managed to pick up some good home draws against Tottenham and Everton who are both on good form this season. He also had a few losses which were expected against Arsenal (H), Liverpool (A) and Southampton (A).
There were two games where I thought Monk would’ve been a little disappointed which were both away games against Norwich and Watford. These team are most likely going to be in and around Swansea come the end of the season but to outplay them away would’ve been a difficult ask and I think he’d have been happy with a point from both games.
Obviously he had his one win against Villa which for me is proof that Swansea aren’t the worst team in the league.

But then we have the games where I have to admit Monk has missed a trick which are Stoke and Bournemouth at home. The 1-0 loss to Stoke is not an acceptable result at home against a team you should be looking at as a mid table rival. We all know that Stoke are a solid defensive outfit so a 0-0 draw would’ve been understandable but to lose the game from an early penalty would have made this result a little hard to swallow.
Bournemouth was the next result which was a poor one for The Swans. For me Swansea should be looking to finish between 8-15 points ahead of newly promoted teams like Bournemouth. So a home win and an away draw would probably surfice but sadly this result means the Welsh side will need to win at Dean Court which is a tough ask.

The main reason I wanted to write about this is because I’ve had a lot of experience with fans who love to slam the panic button after a few iffy results and want Swansea fans to know you’re nearly over this hill of difficult games. Also with the way Swansea played against Liverpool and battled to gain a point against Bournemouth after going 2 down tells me they are fighting for Monk. Always lovely to see is that.

Next up Swansea have Leicester at home which is going to be a tough ask, especially with Vardy and Mahrez bang on form. I think Monk will be looking to this game as a possible point but won’t be pinning all his hopes on it. Outplaying Leicester will be difficult but if Swansea are resolute and determined enough they might get something here.

Next Manchester City away...Swansea as we all know like to pass it about and play football but to outplay the current league leaders will be a big ask. The best the Welsh side can hope for is injuries to City’s main men this Saturday and then holding out against the attacking masterclass of Fabian Delph…
~ You can 100% guarantee Bony will have a belter in this game as well…~

I do want the Swan’s fans to keep in mind that these two teams are currently two of the best in the league. I’m not saying they’re going to be nailed on defeats but you shouldn't be taking running jumps onto the panic button just yet. Mid January would be a reasonable point to judge the situation, the Sunderland game being the big game to watch.

By that point you’ll have played West Ham and West Brom at home and if the lads actually manage to get a point away from the Liberty Stadium against Palace or Manchester United then there surely won’t be any fears of a relegation dog fight come May.
A defeat to either of these teams wouldn’t be the end of the world either. Monk should be aiming to really give Palace a game and try for 3 points but 1 point wouldn’t be disastrous. A point against the Reds would be amazing but depending on which United team turns up I could see the Welsh side taking all 3 points.

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