Sunday, February 22, 2015

Barton's Red See's QPR Dead

First I would like to say I think my post titles are getting better. Now that’s out the way I’ll talk about Joey Barton and the red card he received yesterday against Hull City.

Personally I think Joey Barton isn’t too bad of a player. A player with Premier League class but a Sunday League attitude. I mean just looking at the red card yesterday; got a little shove and went to knacker shot Tom Huddlestone...and he’s meant to be the captain of Queens Park Rangers?

Like I said he has got Premier League class, in my opinion the only reason he spent a year in the Championship last season was because no one dare take a punt on him...Sunday League attitude. I think I heard Roberto Martinez was interested but didn't think his passing skill wasn’t good enough...then signed Gareth Barry. Barton could have been the defensive midfielder Everton relied on last season if he wasn’t so...Barton...
~ Side note: what I mean by Sunday League attitude is that the things he does, he would probably get away with if he played for some Sunday League pub team. I remember seeing one lad literally boot an opposing team a talking to from the ref and that was it? Baffled ~

He reminds me of Robbie Savage (not the greatest compliment but its the best I could come up with.) He’ll probably go the same way after his career ends too; sat on Match of the day explaining what West Brom needed to do to beat Man City, making out like if he was manager he could win the title with anyone because football is just that simple…
~ Side note: is it just me who skips the talking bits in MOTD because I can’t deal with Alan Shearer, Alan Hanson and Gary Lineker show 10 minutes of football highlights then spend 15 minutes talking about the speed of which a linesman raises his flag ~

I’m starting to think I may be sounding harsh. I genuinely do like Barton, I think he’s a skilled footballer, breaks up play well, plays it simple but has the ability to play a ball though but his biggest attribute is his aggression and his workrate to win the ball. According to the incredibly accurate website Wikipedia, Joey Barton amounted 39 bookings and 3 red cards whilst playing for Manchester City which gained a lot of criticism from then manager Kevin Keegan saying it was “excessive”.

With experience he seems to have learnt when a foul is needed. Now if you see him get a booking in a footballing sense it’s normally some kind tactical foul. Sadly he still has an excessive level of immaturity (see what I did there hehe) to his game which causes him to do stupid stuff…
Then again I did enjoy him call Fernando Torres a c*ck smoker and tell Ibrahimovic he has a big nose.

Anyways that’s it for Joey Barton. You read it here first, he’ll be on Match of the Day with Jimmy Bullard and new host Michelle Keegan discussing the finer points of Stokes Tikka-Takka style of play, Man City coping with administration and Sheffield Wednesday finishing 18 points clear at the top of the table...a man can dream...

Cheers for reading.

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