Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Suarez - New Team, Same Player

After last nights showdown between two of the best teams currently in the world, I couldn’t help but look at Luis Suarez and think ‘that lad hasn’t changed.’ I read an article the other day referring to Suarez as a more creative player for Barcelona than he was for Liverpool. Is this really the case?

According to, Suarez had 12 assists in his last (and best) season at Liverpool. He has currently matched that at Barcelona and we are currently half way through the would seem he has got more creative yes. The same article said that his goalscoring form has dried up. In his in the same season as before he scored 31 goals….this season he has scored 6…these facts aren’t helping.

Although it seems Suarez has turned goal provider since his move to Barca, I’m thinking that he simply has a bit more to work with in an attacking sense. Last season he was relied upon for goals, their main threat in Liverpools push for the title. He was the spark that made nearly every chance Liverpool had and was a b*stard to play against I’m imagining.

I personally thought that the SAS partnership wasn’t all that cracking. Yeah they scored a lot but how many times did you see Sturridge play a wonder-ball through to Suarez? Maybe twice? How many times was it the otherway round? every time more or less. Suarez could’ve ran that show with Neil Mellor at the side of him or even an injured Michael Owen. I’d bet he could’ve had a prolific partnership with Ian Rush and he’s in his 50’s!

Suarez was an amazing talent and to have him in the Premier League just made the whole competition that little bit greater. I used to tell my mates (who didn’t agree but still) that Luis Suarez is up there with Ronaldo and Messi for me. But sadly because he played for Liverpool, who weren’t in the Champions League and didn’t have World Cup winners in their squad, would never get seen as the best.
~Side note: No offense to Liverpool fans or the club. One of the richest histories in British football, if not the richest. Finally back where they belong in the European elite ~

Now he is up there will the best the world has to offer its quite sad that Suarez has had the attention taken from him. Obviously opposing players are going to focus in on Messi, Neymar is known for having skill and trickery about his game so where does this leave Little Luis…? It leaves him quietly getting on with his job, with little pressure and little attention from the opposing team and the press.

Yes the press are always desperate to paint a pretty picture of Suarez as some kind of diving, racist cannibal but truth be told since his move he’s been about as dirty as Gary Lineker. He’s had 3 bookings in his first 22 games (Ok not exactly Lineker but in comparison it’s pretty good) and has had no controversial moments to name.
~ Side note: I saw an article earlier about Suarez apparently biting Martin Demichelis’ hand in last nights game. The VT (stands for video tape) clearly shows Demichelis’ hand go to Suarez’s throat so he flinches. Nowhere near a bite and I think this is a pathetic attempt at a news story from the Telegraph. Also the headline was crap, could’ve at least said “ Luis Suarez makes it chew - 1.” But I digress ~

I must say as well he took those goals well. the first one sat up waiting to be smacked and I would’ve expected any striker to leather it into the roof of the net but he smacks it into the bottom corner really well and the second was terrible defending first of all but a lovely sliding finish from the Uruguayan. Like the Suarez of old that one.

I personally think this lad has what it takes to be Barca’s leading man if Messi was to leave. It’d be nice to see how he handles the pressure of being the main focus against every opponent. In all honesty though I can’t see it happening as they’d sooner sack their manager than sell Messi any time soon. Players have too much power these days. Oh well.

Good save by Joe Hart from that penalty. Might’ve kept City’s chances alive. Doubt it though. Maybe? But no. I don’t care…

Cheers for reading.

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