Saturday, February 28, 2015

MUFC - No Fire Power

Manchester United are now out of the title race after losing Robin Van Persie to an ankle injury against Swansea City last Saturday. I agree with the premise that Man Utd are out of the running but in my opinion they were never really in it to begin with...let me explain.

Radamel Falcao is unproven in this league, needs others to play well to put it on a plate for him. Imagine Dirk Kuyt but with a bigger bank balance. The Colombian has only 4 goals so far this season and isn’t the first name on Van Gaal’s team sheet.

Next Wayne Rooney. For me he is one of England’s best players, if we had eleven Rooney’s we could win the world cup...but we have one which makes things very awkward for managers. You have to play him but it’s a waste sticking him up front. If you’re not going to play him up front then why play him at all? but you have to play him...but its a waste sticking him up front...if you’re not gonna stick him up front then why...etc.
Also for me he only seems to score when Man Utd win 2-0, 3-0, 3-1. His goals don’t win games or he scores more than one goal which is why he’s averaged around 15 goals a season for Manchester United. Constant threat but not a consistent goalscorer.

Lastly the big Dutch cherry on top. Robin Van Persie. For me one of the most overrated strikers in the world today. Don’t understand the rave over this lad. For me the best goalscorers in the world must be averaging 20 goals a season...minimum. RVP is 31 now, only scored over 20 goals twice in eleven seasons in the Premier League (only done it twice in his entire career even).
For me he is another player who has a lot of skill but shouldn’t be looked upon for goals. The only player I know who can find himself at a 0° angle and go for goal, for me that is just sheer stupidity and selfishness. But he’s got that wet gel look going on so at least he looks good whilst he’s being a tw*t.

So what is Van Gaal to do? Throw tens of millions at random foreign clubs trying to find the next Ronaldo/Messi/Stevie May? Should he give the youth players a chance and pray they come good? What it seems to me is he’s going to test the water with what he’s got now.

When he spoke about his strikers goal scoring record he said “it doesn’t tell us anything about next year...they could be having an unlucky year”. If he took two seconds to look at the stats...he’ll know it will continue. Best he can hope for is playing three up front and getting around 15 goals from each of them.

Not exactly sure why midfielders don’t get brought into the equation or Van Gaal’s bloody tactics. He plays 3-5-2 which is a formation which simply does not work in this league; if he’s so dead set on using it he should simply p*ss off back to international football or try his hand in Serie A. I imagine it’d work there.

Earlier on in the season he said that Ashley Young was a natural wingback or something like that...a wingback needs a decent engine on him and needs to be able to defend just as well as he can attack? Yeah...that really describes Ashley Young to a T…*cough* not *cough* but I digress.
~ Side note: I think Young’s a decent player but defending is not his strongest point. He’s an out-and-out winger. Wonderful delivery ~

I’m still hoping for Will Keane to come good for Sheffield Wednesday. We have a late surge for the playoffs, he gets us promoted, takes Man Utd to the top of the league, wins England The World Cup and Wednesday get all the credit for creating the greatest striker known to man...a man can dream.

Despite me typing out all this I still have to admit I don’t give a crap about Manchester United. If they’d kept David Moyes I’d hope that they had a little more success. But now they’ve brought in some manager who thinks he knows it all and made a failed attempt to buy the league I really don’t care whether they get back to the Fergie years or drop to a mid table team…

Seems quite a pointless post now...oh well I hope you enjoyed it at least.

Cheers for reading.

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